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From its very beginnings in 1991 until now, the philosophy of the Law Office of Robert S. Huff has remained the same: to provide superior customer service to clients who have not previously needed legal help, and to those who have not otherwise been able to obtain effective attorney assistance. If you are looking for comprehensive legal representation, please contact the Law Office of Robert S. Huff.

More than 95% of our clients have come to the Law Office of Robert S. Huff through personal (word-of-mouth) referrals – whether by family, friends, and for the most part former clients. Many of our clients have chosen the Law Office of Robert S. Huff because of negative experiences with the legal system. At the Law Office of Robert S. Huff, our ongoing goal is to obtain results that will encourage our past and present clients to continue recommending our services to future clients.

In that regard - a message from the Law Office of Robert S. Huff to all of our clients – past, present, and future: THANK YOU FOR ALLOWING OUR OFFICE TO SERVE YOUR LEGAL NEEDS.


Car Accidents

Whether you are a passenger or a driver, it can be very confusing when suddenly your body and car are shaken by an unexpected impact. In another scenario, you may be crossing the street or riding your bike, and an inattentive driver strikes you. The Law Office of Robert S. Huff has helped hundreds of people like you cope with similar circumstances.

Insurance companies are in the business of collecting premiums, but they are not always as interested in paying what is due when you are the victim of an automobile accident. Insurance professionals (claims adjusters), are trained to minimize the compensation you receive following a car accident. By law, you have the right to have an attorney represent you in these sorts of insurance claims. Furthermore, you are entitled to fair compensation for legitimate property damage, injuries, and treatment resulting from a car accident.

You can meet with the Law Office of Robert S. Huff, at no obligation, to discuss the merits of your car accident claim. After a thorough analysis of your case, the Law Office of Robert S. Huff will explain how we can assist in prosecuting your claim against the insurance of the at-fault driver. If the Law Office of Robert S. Huff cannot help with your claim, there is no charge to you for this consultation

There is no up-front fee or out-of-pocket cost for you to hire the Law Office of Robert S. Huff to pursue your car accident claim. The Law Office of Robert S. Huff will take care of all aspects of your claim, including letters and phone communications with the insurance company, coordinating payment of bills with medical providers, and negotiating a settlement. If needed, the Law Office of Robert S. Huff will take your case to court.

The attorney fee for this legal service is paid at the end of the case, on a contingency fee (percentage of recovery) basis, out of the funds obtained from the insurance company. At the conclusion of a successful claim, you will receive a check payable to you from the Law Office of Robert S. Huff. The Law Office of Robert S. Huff will also make sure that medical bills and other expenses related to your claim are paid. If the Law Office of Robert S. Huff fails to obtain a money recovery from the insurance company, you owe nothing in attorney fees (although by law, if costs were incurred, those costs may still be owed).

It is best to consult with the Law Office of Robert S. Huff as soon as possible following an accident. We will respond to your inquiry the same day that you call or email. Thank you for allowing us to serve your legal needs.

Criminal Defense

If you are facing a criminal prosecution, The Law Office of Robert S. Huff is on your side. The Law Office of Robert S. Huff has extensive experience at all levels of criminal defense – from misdemeanor cases including DUI and Shoplifting, to major felonies involving Theft, Drug Violations (VUCSA), and Assault. There can be many consequences following a criminal conviction, and you should obtain qualified legal counsel to help you through this difficult situation.

The Law Office of Robert S. Huff has a proven record of successfully representing those accused of a crime. Since 1991, most of our criminal defense cases have been referred to the Law Office of Robert S. Huff by former clients. The clients of the Law Office of Robert S. Huff have benefitted from dedicated and effective representation.

In the criminal justice system, the prosecutor represents the interests of the government. If you have been charged with a crime, the prosecutor’s job is to ask the judge to impose jail time and/or money fines on you. The prosecutor can also ask the judge to have you enter a treatment program, pay restitution, or order other post-conviction conditions.

In Washington State, a simple misdemeanor (such as Negligent Driving) has a maximum penalty of 90 days incarceration and a $ 1,000.00 fine. A gross misdemeanor is any crime (such as Domestic Violence) which is punishable by up to 364 days in jail, and a $ 5,000.00 fine. Felonies are classified in three categories – a Class A Felony carries a top penalty of life in prison, and a fine of fifty thousand dollars; a Class B Felony has a maximum sentence of ten years imprisonment, and a twenty thousand dollar fine; the most a court can impose for a Class C Felony is ten years in prison, and a ten thousand dollar fine.

Federal Court incarceration is determined by the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, which calculates the prison term based on the seriousness of the crime, the defendant’s criminal history, and other factors and characteristics relating to the defendant. The federal government aggressively prosecutes crimes such as drug manufacture/distribution, human trafficking, and so-called White Collar offenses. The Law Office of Robert S. Huff has effectively represented many individuals accused of crimes in the federal court system in the Western District of Washington.


There is nothing more stressful than facing the possibility of being separated from family and friends because of deportation proceedings. If you have any legitimate basis for remaining in the United States, the Law of Robert S. Huff is dedicated to fighting the government’s efforts to remove you from this country. Although past performance is never a guarantee of future results, since 1991 the Law Office of Robert S. Huff has prevailed in over ninety percent of deportation cases.

The Law Office of Robert Huff can also help you and your family in the processing of USCIS forms such as the I-130, I-485, I-864, I-601, N-400, and others. Additional forms the Law Office of Robert S. Huff has experience with include the EOIR 42a and the EOIR 42b. Criminal convictions can affect your immigration status and path to Citizenship, so please take advantage of our thirty minute free consultation to discuss all of your immigration issues with the Law Office of Robert S. Huff.

The Law Office of Robert S. Huff is well-versed in other forms of immigration relief that can serve as a path to permanent residency (green card) such as the Dream Act or DACA, Investor Visas E-2, EB-5, L-1, L-2, and U-Visa, S-Visa, and T-Visa.

If you are in immigration detention, the Law Office of Robert S. Huff can set a bond hearing with the Immigration Court, and connect you with a bond company that can help you get released from the NWDC (Northwest Detention Center). The NWDC is the immigration jail located in Tacoma, Washington. ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) officers maintain an office at the NWDC. The Law Office of Robert S. Huff will also coordinate with ICE officers, whenever possible, to obtain your release from detention.

Family Law

No one enters into a marriage or family relationship with the expectation that it will someday end. However, the reality of family life is that a large percentage of these relationships fail, and therefore often need the intervention of the legal system to determine financial, property, and child custody issues. The Law Office of Robert S. Huff has the knowledge and experience to help you with these difficult family issues.

Maintaining a relationship between both parents and their children is one of the most important goals of the family court system. A common term used in divorce cases is ‘child custody’, however in Washington State the law prefers an arrangement called a ‘Parenting Plan’. A Parenting Plan determines where and when the children will be with each parent, but it does not assign ‘custody’ of any child to either parent. The legal standard for deciding child visitation is called the ‘best interests’ of the children.

In a child custody case, it is important to establish a record of each parent’s relationship with the children. A parent can be involved with a child on several levels - including daily care, educational support, love and affection, and other family member’s interaction (grandparents, aunts/uncles, etc.). The Law Office of Robert S. Huff suggests that our clients maintain a calendar or diary of events related to the welfare of the children.

It is preferable that family law cases conclude through agreement, especially because this way of resolving disputes will minimize the long-term negative impact on the children. Agreements can benefit all parties involved with the case in various other ways, in terms of the financial, property, and other aspects of finalizing the divorce. However, if an agreement is not forthcoming, the Law Office of Robert S. Huff is prepared to litigate your case to achieve a just resolution.

Traffic Tickets

Beginning in September, 2015, the Law Office of Robert S. Huff will begin handling traffic citations and infractions of all sorts, including speeding, failure to yield the right of way, improper lane change, and other traffic matters.


The Law Office of Robert S. Huff can additionally address a wide variety of your legal issues. If our office is unable to accommodate your particular need, we will put you in contact with a qualified attorney who can better address your specific legal question. As always, the Law Office of Robert S. Huff is most concerned with making sure the client is well served, even if that means referring you to another qualified attorney.


Attorney Robert S. Huff has lived in Washington State for over 25 years, where his most valued accomplishments has been helping hundreds of clients with their important legal issues. Since 2000, Bob Huff has been the proud husband of ‘Bing’ Huff, raising their (now adult) daughters together. More recently the Huff’s have become devoted ‘new’ parents to their two adorable Maltipoo puppies, Tallulah Belle and Olivia Dee. In addition to the immediate family, Bob enjoys frequent get-togethers with his wife’s extended family.

Since the ‘newest’ office opened in 2010, Bob Huff has been committed to providing the most up-to-date services to the clients of the Law Office of Robert S. Huff. This standard of service means consistently making sure that our office has the latest and most comprehensive technological tools to research and address your legal needs.


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